New Year’s Resolution 2015

I will share more. I will no longer feel afraid to share. I will no longer prevent myself from sharing. I will no longer limit myself to only positive statements and thoughts. I will use “no,” “not,” and other negatives, and I will no longer allow the thought of using those words to prevent me from sharing. I’ve allowed that for too long. I limited the wording of my thoughts to strictly positives so that they rarely lived outside my mind. That drove me nuts. No more.

I stopped sharing with the world. Why? For fear of being judged perhaps. Even now as I type, I fear being judged by what I say, how I say it, and that I am even doing so. Why? Perhaps because I have let judgment live in my heart and mind for too long. That is not who I want to be. Perhaps the silencing of myself has caused me to be envious of those who share so freely. And perhaps I am too concerned with what value is added by each thing that is shared.

I am often turned off by what I see others sharing and I judge it and them negatively, but at least they are sharing. I’ve been too afraid to share most things perhaps hiding behind a vail of creative standards. But I can’t do it anymore. I need to share to live. I need to connect. To feel heard. I need to express myself.

That is what makes me human, what makes us human. And that is why any of this matters. I am alive. While I am alive I want to feel great, inspired, clear in thought, mind, conscious, spirit, and soul. I don’t share merely for myself. I share so that I can be the best me, and when I am, I can inspire and help others. If not, I am dead and of no use to myself or anyone else.

A Life So Visible Its Written On The Wall

A Life So Visible Its Written On The Wall