I Shall Not Be Censored

Have you ever been discouraged from expressing yourself creatively because someone said something negative to you about your creative expression? The earliest time I can remember when something like that happened to me was way back when I was going to Christian youth group. I was singing with the congregation, just praising the lord, and this girl next to me told me I had a bad singing voice. I’ve never forgotten that.

Back when I was in college, around 2004, I used to write short little stories about my adventures around town. I’d share them on Facebook in the Notes section. My friends would engage with me regarding the content and it was a lot of fun. Near after that time, I got back together with an ex girl friend and she talked $&!% to me about the stories saying that it was lame that I was writing them and that I was just trying to get attention. It made me feel bad and I stopped doing.

One night a few years back when Instagram was still pretty new, I couldn’t sleep so I posted like 50 pictures in a row to the Instagram account of the band I was playing with at the time. When I woke up later that day, one of the band members talked $%!% to me saying that I shouldn’t have posted all those pictures, that it was too many, that it was going to clog of the feed of our followers. From a content marketing perspective, I understood it completely, but I took it as someone trying to censor my creative expression.

I’ve spent too long censoring myself and letting the negativity of others censor me. I will no longer allow anyone or anything the power to censor the expression of my creativity. I simply cannot allow. I said it before, and I will say it again, if I do, I will go mad. The thoughts in my head, the words, the stories, the ideas, they must come out, and I thank you for being there to receive them. You don’t actually even exist right now. I know that no one will probably ever read this post or see my blog. But just knowing that I have put myself out there, put my thoughts into the collective stream of consciousness, and that there is even the slightest chance that someone can see me and hear my voice, releases a pressure in my head that I have burdened myself with for too long.

For anyone out there that may feel the same way; that you too have something to say, that you too want be heard, I urge you to not be afraid, to share your uncensored thoughts with the world, and know that you may inspire others to be so brave.

Creativity Is Expressed In Many Forms

Creativity Is Expressed In Many Forms


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