Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I woke up today around 8:30 a.m. I was still feeling a little sick from the cold I had since last Friday, but I am feeling close to 100% now. I took Lucy to work then I came back home, drank some water and orange juice and ate some apple. I relaxed in bed for an hour and caught up on some reading then around 10:30 a.m. I started getting ready for a lunch meeting I had in Downtown. The meeting was with a new friend I met last week while driving Uber. Yes, I drive Uber for money, but I’ll save that subject for another post. For the sake of his privacy, we shall call the new friend Matt. Anyhoo, last week I drove him around town for about an hour and we hit it off real well. I explained to him my current situation, what I am going through mentally, my career transition, and he was very interested and thoughtful. He was touched by my openness and impressed by my conviction. After the trip, we agreed to meet for lunch, and so today, we did.

I met him at his office in Downtown and he took me to this cafe down the street. The cafe is located in the middle of the industrial center by the train tracks and near some scrap metal recycling facilities. It was so hidden and out of place, it was really interesting.  On the way, we talked about his work and the current assignment he was working on. He is a builder of sorts, but he mainly focuses on the business development side of his company now. I was initially attracted to him because he seemed like a very successful and young person. I didn’t grow up around a lot of success and so when I meet someone like him, I become very excited and interested. What is so inspiring about him is that he built his business from the ground up and he is only my age. He started as a builder, working with his hands, but he has become successful and capable enough so that now he acts in a more managerial/biz dev/operations role. I find that to be so impressive.

Anyhoo, as soon as we arrived and sat down inside the cafe, I saw the lead singer of my favorite band sitting at the cafe. It was so random and awesome. I told Matt and he said to go say hi to him, so I did. After a quick chat, I came back and started speaking with Matt again. I ordered a chicken wrap with fries and they were both very tasty. We sat, talked, and ate for like 2 hours. It was great. He is a very nice person. He understands what I am going through and he is interested in helping me. He says that it is inspiring for him to talk to me because he was going through a similar thing about 5 to 10 years ago. I enjoy speaking with him because he lets me know that I am not alone, that there are others like me, and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I think he enjoys speaking to me because he likes to help people and also it helps reaffirm everything he has learned through his trials and tribulations.

After lunch, we went back to his office and he showed me some of the projects he was working on and then I took off. I drove around for about an hour before I picked up Lucy from work around 5:30. During that time, I picked up a 3 time U.S. Olympic Athlete that recently retired and was going through a transition period similar to me, so that was encouraging. Then I drove a young man that was working in the Athletic department at a local school. He seemed to have his whole life planned out. Then I stopped by my friends store in Silverlake and happened to see a friend that I hadn’t spoken to for about two months now. We had a slight falling out over a creative project we were working on together. We talked for about 20 minutes. It was nice to catch up with him. See how he was doing, let him know how I was and to agree that no hard feelings exist between us.

After I picked up Lucy, we came home, had some dinner and then I went out to drive for a bit. I met some interesting people; most notably, a gentlemen that said he loved to launch companies and products. I started following him on Instagram and he said we could meet for coffee. I am looking forward to that. Now I am back at home and will go to bed soon. I love you world. Thank you so much for turning and letting me breath, smile, and love. I won’t let you down!

On My 21st Bday. I Had That Shirt Specially Made For Me. "Its My BDAY."

Me On My 21st Bday. I Had That Shirt Specially Made For Me. “Its My B-DAY.” I Lost Those Shorts There At The Standard. I’m an Anteater and a Trojan, not a Bruin.


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