Hopes for  HomeKit

This recent report from 9to5mac reminds me that I’m excited for the release of HomeKit and its compatible devices. There is no rush to get into this market because its still so new. Apple’s pace is nothing to be worried about. Its better that they take their time to get it right because HomeKit is all about getting deeper into people’s lives at home.

The report basically states that there will be a “Home” app that will aggregate all of a user’s HomeKit enabled devices for easy access, and that TV will act as a HomeKit hub. I think a Home app is a great idea and that it should exist. I think its safe to use the “Health” app as a good example of what Home will be like. I also think it makes perfect sense for TV to act as the hub because its always connected to the internet, it can display information on a large screen for easier control and management of connected devices, and its probably a good way to sell more TVs. The only other existing  device that could act as the hub could be a Mac or an Airpot device. But its provably going to be an TV because its an easier sell that an iMac or an Airport Time Capsule.

My main hope for all of this at this time is that all HomeKit devices access the internet through an  Hub, whether that is an TV or otherwise. Connected devices in my home will have access to personal and sensitive data and I don’t want to feel like Google, Facebook, or any other advertising company can get to that data. By having all non-Apple-branded connected devices access the internet through an  Hub, HomeKit can ensure that those devices are not accessing and using my data in prohibited ways. In this sense, HomeKit, with TV acting as the Hub, essentially extends Apple’s wall-garden into the home. I like that garden. Its safe and cozy inside.


Apple’s Walled Garden of Trust