Thoughts on and after WWDC 2015

So much was announced at WWDC 2015. I don’t want to recap everything. There are plenty of sites that do that. I want to give you some high-level impressions from what I think are the most interesting announcements from today’s Keynote and Platforms State of the Union.

First above all, this truly is a new Apple, Tim Cook’s Apple. Apple is more open and diverse than ever before, and yet they are still moving with laser focus. Today, we saw two female Apple employees speak at the Keynote.

For the first time since 1997, Apple included female employees in one of its keynote presentations, with Senior Vice Presidents Jennifer Bailey and Susan Prescott.

– InternationalBusinessTimes.Com

Apple also announced that store loyalty/rewards cards are coming to Pay & Wallet (formerly Passbook). This may seem small, but this requires at least some openness to allowing third party access to one of Apple’s most holiest of holies, its customer’s data and payment information. Neverthless, I am sure Apple is permitting this in a way that respects its walled garden to the max.

Apple then announced native third party watchOS apps. This was not surprising, but the fact that third party developers can create Watch face complications is, or at least that Apple has opened up that API so soon. Apple also announced Search APIs that allow content witching third party apps to be discovered on a system search level, i.e., Spotlight.

Lastly, Apple has Opened Sourced Swift. Developers in the room went nuts. Apple will also be accepting source code contributions.

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Thoughts on Jony Ive’s Promotion to CDO

Apple is elevating Design not just Jony.

Design is one of the most important ways we communicate with our customers, and our reputation for world-class design differentiates Apple from every other company in the world. – Tim Cook to employees

This will likely be a permanent position just like CEO, CFO.

Let’s not underestimate Howarth and Dye. Howarth has been with Apple for 20 years and Dye for 9. One theory I have as to why they waited till now was to see how Dye performed with shipping a completely new product, Watch, because although Dye joined Apple in 2006, it appears that he wasn’t brought in on iPhone/iOS until iOS 7.

Apple's New Design Leadership: Vice president of User Interface Design, Alan Dye; Chief Design Officer,  Jony Ive; and Vice President of Industrial Design, Richard Howarth

Apple’s New Design Leadership: Vice president of User Interface Design, Alan Dye; Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive; and Vice President of Industrial Design, Richard Howarth (Gabriela Hasbun for The Telegraph)

Thoughts on Google I/O 2015

Be together, not the same sounds like a great idea in theory. What’s it like in practice? I’ve never really used android. Options and choice are great but operating system fragmentation seems real on Android as well as a real issue. Knowing that my friends have an iPhone and are likely on the latest OS is great because I know what to expect when I want to communicate with them. I wonder if people have issues on Android with an uncommon/dissimilar experience. One of the main values of the Apple Ecosystem is our shared expectation of a common and equal experience across users and devices.

They already have TV apps! Hopefully Apple will release and TV SDK.

I like all the round watches. Will we ever see a round Watch? I hope so.

Streamlined app permissions is a great idea. Oh cool, iOS has that already, sweet! By the way, never read me with sarcasm. I never use sarcasm. Seriously. No, seriously. Seriously.

Unified web views in apps? I love that idea. Web views in iOS are pretty fragmented. Would love a unified web view experience. Wow, chrome custom tabs that’s great! Saved passwords, already signed in etc. that’s a great idea!

Unlimited free photo storage with Google photos. Free is great but we know it’s not really “free” with Google. They are selling that data somehow. I like them putting pressure on Apple though to reduce prices and increase storage capacity. I don’t mind paying for a premium safe secure service though. Apple is still really new to cloud storage.

Their use of USB Type C is pretty cool: Being able to use my phone to charge another device is pretty cool.

Fine grain volume control is pretty cool. Hopefully we get that on iOS. Would be cool to be able to quickly, easily, and independently change the volume for Alerts/Notifications, Media, and Alarms.

AndroidWear. So many choices 🙂 Always on 🙂 Watch should have an always on feature for the time.

Android Nanodegree pretty cool. Would be awesome for Apple to create something like that.

Jump is awesome. AR/VR is awesome.

All the developing country stuff is amazing. Low data transmission, offline maps, translation.

Google on Tap is cool. Siri really sucks in comparison. Hopefully Apple will figure it out.

Brillo, Google wants to connect the world and everything. It wants to be the funnel of the whole world. Weave is necessary. Great idea but I will most likely never use it. I don’t want all of my devices going through Google funnel. At least not yet. I am still a bit weirded out by their collection of data. Maybe I need to better understand what they are doing with it. I have unresolved issues with advertising. But, all of the machine learning stuff they do with the data is amazing. Its a compromise I am not always willing to make and I need to look into it more.

Inspired thoughts: Google, their use of my personal data, my use of their services, and compromise – I need to really look into this; Apple vs. Google: are they competitors, why? why can’t they get a long and collaborate more?

With Brillo, Google aims to suck up everything

With Brillo, Google aims to suck up everything

Hopes for  HomeKit

This recent report from 9to5mac reminds me that I’m excited for the release of HomeKit and its compatible devices. There is no rush to get into this market because its still so new. Apple’s pace is nothing to be worried about. Its better that they take their time to get it right because HomeKit is all about getting deeper into people’s lives at home.

The report basically states that there will be a “Home” app that will aggregate all of a user’s HomeKit enabled devices for easy access, and that TV will act as a HomeKit hub. I think a Home app is a great idea and that it should exist. I think its safe to use the “Health” app as a good example of what Home will be like. I also think it makes perfect sense for TV to act as the hub because its always connected to the internet, it can display information on a large screen for easier control and management of connected devices, and its probably a good way to sell more TVs. The only other existing  device that could act as the hub could be a Mac or an Airpot device. But its provably going to be an TV because its an easier sell that an iMac or an Airport Time Capsule.

My main hope for all of this at this time is that all HomeKit devices access the internet through an  Hub, whether that is an TV or otherwise. Connected devices in my home will have access to personal and sensitive data and I don’t want to feel like Google, Facebook, or any other advertising company can get to that data. By having all non-Apple-branded connected devices access the internet through an  Hub, HomeKit can ensure that those devices are not accessing and using my data in prohibited ways. In this sense, HomeKit, with TV acting as the Hub, essentially extends Apple’s wall-garden into the home. I like that garden. Its safe and cozy inside.


Apple’s Walled Garden of Trust