Hopes for the Apple Sim Card

The Premise

We want to stay connected while we are away from home. The main way we stay connected while away from home is through cellular enabled devices. Our main cellular enabled device is our iPhone. Most of us only own one iPhone. The iPhone we own is not always the most appropriate iPhone for every occasion.

The Problem

Sometimes we want an iPhone with a larger screen and sometimes we want an iPhone that’s smaller and more convenient to carry. We could solve this problem now by owning multiple iPhones of different sizes, but that would require the SIM card to be switched out each time we wanted to change phones. This is inconvenient and sub-optimal, at best. Most people don’t even know how to switch out their SIM card!

Proposed Solution

Until the day when the whole world is blanketed in free WiFi, or until the Watch can last all day with LTE connectivity without burning your wrist, most people will carry a single iPhone with them at any one time to meet their connectivity needs. But what if we could own multiple iPhones of different sizes and seamlessly switch between them by simply picking up the most appropriate iPhone for each occasion and walking out the door? I predict this future is only one year away.

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